Reading facts

Love-books-imageHere are some facts about reading.

1. Reading helps you to learn new words, even if you don’t know what they mean! If that happens, ask a grown up!

2. Reading makes you feel emotions. A funny book makes you laugh sometimes. A sad book makes you want to cry sometimess. A happy book makes you very happy and when something disgusting happens in a book you go “Ewwww” or laugh cause it’s gross!

3. Reading is part of literacy – I’m not sure what literacy means but we looked up reading facts and it kept coming up. Mum says literacy is how good people are at reading, writing, listening and speaking.

4. You can read magazines, books, newspapers, comics, websites, some apps, plays, and labels and tags on clothes, blurbs, and some pictures if they have writing on them.

5. Some books get made into movies, like The Gruffalo and the Harry Potter series. I prefer the books but I like the movies too.

6. Reading is fun!

7. Reading helps kids to learn.

8. Reading a lot makes you better at writing.

9. The person who writes a book is called an author.

10. Reading makes you smarter.


Reading quiz time!


1.What makes reading so fun?

2. What books help kids to read?

3. What is your favourite book?

4. What’s the app that’s like a book called?

5. What is the first book you ever read?

6. Where do you read?

7. Does someone read to you or not?

8. Do you like reading?

9. How long can you keep library books for?

10. Do they give you books to keep at school?


Young kids need help reading!

Toddler boy reading

Young kids need help when they are learning to read. When I was a little kid, my Mom and Dad got me these special books that helped me learn to read. Little young kids need to do the same or they might never be good readers or learn how to read. So, this advice is very helpful. Never doubt my blog. It has loads of facts that you need to know to help kids reading and it will tell you how to order my books online. I will tell you when I put them up.

See this boy on top? He is using those special books to help little kids to read. The books are called Read At Home.

Keep these books away from cats and dogs because they might find them, and then take them off the shelf and start chewing them and eating them. Keep these away from cats especially. They might choke when they are chewing or eating them. So, if you have a pet in the house, and you start reading the books and take them down from the shelf, put the pets outside so they can’t do that.

Cat eating book

My stories will be on the blog when I write them. I am sure all of you will like them. They are for grown ups and kids. All can like reading but they all need help sometimes, so visit my blog!

See you in the next blog post!