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My cousins Lauren and Cliona’s birthday !!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

I have been so excited all morning that I just can’t wait!YAY!!!! @ their  party I am going to experience what Lauren’s shcool is like because their party is at her N.S in Galway in the hall in her shcool.I got them really cool presents because they are” Monster High” dolls,and “Barbie and her sisters in a great puppy adventure”(the doll).Here is the pic of the very cool presents I got them:

FullSizeRender copy 2I am really happy with what I got them.And remember, my blog will be up-dated regularly  and remember to subscribe! Happy Oiche Shamhna everybody!!

Vocaroo woo hoo!


Hey guys,

I want you to click on the link above. It’s a special message from me, Hazel.

I want you to click on Record now and send me your recording in the comments.

So I can see if you have the same cool stories or messages as my class!

Have a listen to the story I recorded in school,


I am really excited about HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

I even would like you to listen to these HALLOWEEN songs,I thought they were FAB and AWESOME!!!

Hope you LOVE them !

Making Books…

If you want to make a book, here’s what you need:

– paper

– a pen!

photo 2

Then, fold it (the paper, not the pen!) in half and fold it in half again.

If you want to make it smaller, fold it again.

You can cut the tops so you can open the pages – but staple it first. You don’t have to cut it if you don’t want to.

photo 3

I like making books with my cousin James.

It could be an adventure book. Or a fairytale book. Or a schoolbook like ‘Make your own school yearbook’ by yourself.