Hazel-horseriding-1When I was young, and didn’t have all my books, I was fed up. I had no fun! I figured out I needed to have some fun for a while. Then, that’s when my Mom and Dad got me these special Read At Home books. I never knew reading would be such fun, when I was young. That actually rhymes!!!

My favourite things in the world are hugs, reading, playing, drama, trampolines, swings and the movie ‘The Book of Life’. This movie is the greatest movie ever!!!! When I ever get bored, I read a book or have hugs. They are the two most favourite things of mine in the world.

I decided to start a blog because I needed a blog of my own. I suppose, I figured out that I wanted one.

For my 8th birthday, I’m getting a baby bunny. I bet she’ll be really cuddly. She might like reading books too, if she can read! That’s kind of a funny idea!!!

See you in my blog! Bye!!!


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