Vocaroo woo hoo!


Hey guys,

I want you to click on the link above. It’s a special message from me, Hazel.

I want you to click on Record now and send me your recording in the comments.

So I can see if you have the same cool stories or messages as my class!

Have a listen to the story I recorded in school,


I am really excited about HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

I even would like you to listen to these HALLOWEEN songs,I thought they were FAB and AWESOME!!!

Hope you LOVE them !


2 thoughts on “Vocaroo woo hoo!

    • hi cousin Rory, thanks for saying my stories are fab and awesome. I can’t wait to come on my holidays to Canada some time with my Mum and Dad when we save up all our money. And I really want to meet your kids especially Max becuase he has such a cool name!!!


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